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Split Decision 10/14/04

Split Decision is the very first cover band I fell in-love with. Who wouldnít fall in-love with this band? Okay maybe Iím going too overboard with the word "in-love" here but seriously who in their right minds would say that this band is not good or say, "Oh, theyíre all right". Are you freaking kidding me?

Not only has this band been playing for over 10 years, it also has its own album out last year and now working on their new one. Their experience in the local band business was exemplified by their performances and choices of songs to play in certain bars on certain nights. A good example of this is their medley of Sedated, American Pie and Leaving on a Jet Plane, which is off the hook that there never was a time that the crowd never went crazy on this. I myself enjoyed it so much one time that I felt like I was about to get the big "O" (if you know what I mean), but I had to control myself because there was more to come. And sure enough the band played U2 songs and that did it for me, I had to give in. Whew!

The band obviously knows the target audience and always hits the bullís eye (or the G-spot, I should say). No wonder they are sought after by bars from all over the East Coast. The band also grabbed not only their very own fans (the ladies of SC) but also trophies from a prestigious local music award.

There is so much to say about Split Decision. The band sounds great and their energy is so contagious. I have to admit, I followed this band for months, ok fine for almost a year, and there never was a place that the crowd didnít go wild and crazy! But Iím sorry to say that Iíve moved on though. Just like most fucked up relationship you get bored sometimes and you just need to try new things or new bands, so to speak. But as the old song goes, "First love never dies".   Split Decision is still one of my favorites! 




Christian (vocals/guitar), Jimmy (vocals), Ray (guitar), Walt (bass), Doug (drums)


Different well-known bars every weekend nights. 


Lost - the bands first original cd in 2003, Best Cover Band of the Year by Philly Music Awards in 2003, Best Lead Singer by Philly Music Awards (Christian), Best Guitarist by Philly Music Awards (Ray), Best Bassist by Philly Music Awards (Walt), Featured on VH1 in 2001, Signed with Budlight Beer in 2002, Signed with Budweiser True Music in 2003