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OUTSIDE IN is the part time band who does gigs in Philly and Jersey! I saw these guys at Top Dog and they did a good job entertaining the audience. With their songs by Styx, 311, Green Day AC/DC to name a few, they can get the tough crowd from Top Dog to get up on their feet and party with them!

The band was okay until the drummer, Harris (who looks kind of like Uncle It) took the front act and hell broke lose!!! This dude climbed, well at least tried to climbed the speaker; kneeled and laid on the stage floor; gyrated his hips (a funny sight); and almost jumped off the stage… but then, despite being so drunk, realized that there wasn’t enough people to catch him made him backed up! Thank God! Or it would’ve been a bloody mess! But he rocked that night!! Yay to Uncle It!

The band was not the best band I’ve ever seen but they were cool enough to get the crowd to the front of the stage and watch them closer (while some dance and cheered). If I were to give them “stars” based on their performance with 5 stars being the best and 0 stars being the worst, I’ll give them * * .




Steve (vocals/front man), Mike (guitar), John (guitar), Stu (bass) and Harris (drums)

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