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FLAVOR 12/04

Put a little flavor on your menu!! You’ll definitely need a little bit more…. More salt, pepper and put hot sauce on it too! Because this 2 year old band needs a little spice!!!!

Spice it up, boys!! The band is a good looking group (the front man reminds me of Christ) and their songs fit their looks, but in this day-in-age being a regular Joe is sooooo outdated!

The audience is looking for something exceptional and extreme. People are asking for bands that will get them on their feet and have their hips swing with the music. Although the band has the talent to sing (got to give them that), unfortunately the band still lack the vibe that can get the crowd respond and go nuts.

I like the band and it disappoints me that they can’t get the respond they deserve from the audience! They have the charm and they sound good but they need to step it up a little to get a little bit more love from the crowd.






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