Y-NOT 1/2005 by Maria


Who said Madonna is not  “in” in Rock and Roll?  When I first saw Y-not on the summer of 2004 in Wildwood NJ, their hot female vocalist got everyone’s attention  and rocked the Beach house with the Queen of Pop’s songs!  Songs like “Like A Virgin” to “Like A Prayer” got the 20 something year old girls giggle and scream like Britney Spears’ fans reminiscing the years when Madonna ruled the world!


I was impressed by Jenn’s stage presence that night and so were the guys in the audience, who was pretty much drooling over this hot babe.  Too bad she is not with Y-not anymore.


Few months have passed and a few things have changed.  Jenn is gone and there’s a new girl in the band!  The same songs and the same energy and the same cute guys.. Y-not can still f*&#ing rock a place!


Y-not brought  the house down on a Tuesday night!  With John leading the group, they were really interactive with their fans.  John and his boys will be on stage, off stage, dancing, jumping and singing WITH the crowd.  Songs by Green Day, Blink 182, Jet, The Killers, Sublime, 311, Jimmy Eat World and others were played as well. 


The band’s goal is to give their audience an awesome time.  Mindie, the cute new chick showed everyone that she too has a good voice to offer.  Although she still seems kind of shy, this gal definitely helped entertain the crowd.


So go out and enjoy the company of this group!  You don’t see a lot of cute girls singing in a band and for the female fans, it’s a treat to look at the guys.  For the true music lovers, I’ll recommend watching them.  Why?  Well, Y-not!

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