Wanted: Temporary Interns

Get the work experience you need and work from home. NO office hours.  Work whatever time you desire as long as you meet our deadlines (usually a week for every small project).  Our Goal is to have fun in everything we do and no work stress!!!  If you’re stressing you’re not working right!  We are looking for the following:

Part-time Editors/Quality Control


  • Access to the internet and MSWord
  • Works without supervision, determined and enjoy what they do
  • Great Sense of Humor a Must!!! Boring Individuals no need to apply. No corporate attitude!
  • Meet and “hang-out” once in a while


·        Receive 4 articles per week and must review errors and offer suggestions.  To make the articles entertaining! Work less than 5 hours a week!

Part-time Marketing Assistants


  • Works without supervision and enjoy what they do
  • Meet and “hang-out” once in a while
  • No corporate attitude!  Sense of Humor is not a requirement but preferred!!!


  • Assist in Marketing Plans for a Magazine and Website.  Receive assignments from owners once in a while. Work less than 5 hours per week!

To Apply:

          No need to send a resume. 

Email us at rockonbands@phillybandaids.com with the following information:

·        Name,

·        Contact Information


Then we will call you when we want to meet you. We will send an email for qualified applicants so please leave your email address.


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