Tsunami Relief Fundraising Concert

Santalina and Elijah perform at Fundraiser !

By Priscila

Elijah started off the party by singing a song , "Make Money, Money, Money"!!!  Elijah donated his time and talent  to raise funds for the event. He is from West Philly who’s dedication and passion for music got the attention of big time record company, Jaxum Records.

The highlight of the night was the performance of Santalina who won the hearts of Philadelphians on Q102’s Philly Idol back in 2002.  Santalina is the #1 downloaded Philadelphia artist.  Her single “Conchale” is #1 on the Latin Chart world wide.   This hot petite girl, like Elijah, donated her time and energy to help out a really good cause. 

Both of these artists with other up-and-coming stars from NYC, Philly and AC will be at the Grammies this year.  Both are signed with Philadelphia’s Jaxum Record Company.

All the entrance fee to the event went to the American Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund that will aid victims of the Tsunami in South Asia which happened the day after Christmas last year. The event was held on January 18, 2005 at Manila Bay at Castor and Knorr Street. The event was planned in a week by Maria of PhillyBandAids. "This is all about helping out other people who was affected by the Tsunami," Maria told her friends who showed support and shed donations to the event.  The event raised $700.00.  Thank you to all those who came out and supported this event.

Definitely a good time for a good cause.   The crowd was blown and awed by the performances. And also by the hot bartenders who were  dancing on top of the bar doing a "coyote ugly" tribute and dating auction.  

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