The Zone By Maria

One word to describe this band…  HYPER!  The Zone is a super hyped band from Philly.  Their “hype-ness” was so hot damn contagious that even the most kill-joy person in a bar will put their hair down and go buck wild!

I will blame the front man for the unquenchable energy he shows on stage and spread that energy through out the bar.  He danced like an electric eel… swaying his hips left and right like there is no tomorrow…  Singing each song like he owns them and getting the crowd involved like he possesses them.

I myself could not keep up with the band.  The bassist Mike Vlaanderen did the flirting by making good eye contacts with the audience and making orgasmic faces that can turn girls on or turn some off.  While their guitarist Arthur Lima, stole the lime light every time he got a chance to do solo, and Chris Mazzoni also got the crowd jumping with his tambourine, guitar and voice.  The drummer Mike Mazzoni, who is way too cute to be hiding behind the drum set, definitely rocked out too!

The Zone’s vigor was full of oomph and obviously energy was oozing out from each band members and leaked all over the dance floor, because not only was the stage leaping but the whole bar was too. 

Mike Thompson’s voice was not only strong and loud but also a voice that can hit the high notes and blew anyone’s hair back!  Whew!!!   Check them out if you are into Split Decision, they pretty much a like. “They know that target audience and pretty much hit the bull’s eye!”

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