Spin 2/2005 by Maria


Okay, stop staring and close your mouth.  I know its not typical to see a dude kneeling in the middle of the dance floor, wearing fish net gloves and eyeliner with a spotlight in hand. But hey, this front man of SPIN, named Eric,  has his trademark all over Top Dog that Saturday night!  Hey who can forget the saxophone?


How can a particular band differ itself from dozens of other bands?  The front man is said to be the hardest worker in the band.  He is said to be the one who gets people off.  He leads the band, engages the crowd and tries to be exceptional as much as he could for the band to be unforgettable to the audience.


Despite the fact that SPIN is so fresh and young (about a year old), they are at the same level of talent as the veterans in the business.  They played so damn well that night I came out to see them.  Honestly, everything about them was perfect that night.  The sound, energy, lights, props and the voices were so irresistible.  I was actually falling in-love with them. 


They have such a raw talent that you donít usually see in typical local bands.  Their original songs were not the usual local-original-heavy-metal type.  SPINís music has a funk-rock feel to it.  Itís like,,, you can ďsway-and-head-bangĒ to their sound, not just the hard core neck-hurting- head-banging music. 


Explain?  OkayÖ


Jim on the keyboard gave that kind of like Caribbean twist to their music.  The drums gave me a beat I can dance to.  And the guitar authenticated their music as rock.  Now that is very original in our area.  Did you get it?


Playing Dead seems to be the favorite of their followers and when you hear it, youíll love it too.  I really donít know how else I can describe their kind of music.  I want to say that they sound like Led, Chili Peppers and 311 all mixed together.  I guess you just got to go see them and find out for yourselves.  I promise you that you will love it and Iím sure itíll get noticed. 


Although SPIN did covers that night, which they nailed, their original songs topped them all.  This unforgettable band needs to get out there and share their talent to more people! Their goal is to go national and I am telling you, this band is the next big thing!  I donít want to jinx them but I just canít help it.. Yíall need to see this band!!!

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