Sun of a Gun 03/2005 By: Priscila


Sun of A Gun, a band from southern New Jersey performed on March 19, 2005 in a bar at SOUTH Street.  BandAid corresponded, Muah was able to watch their performance.  Their performance was great and their music is not typical of a local band from South Jersey.  Their music has influence from the South with the touch of metal, or in other words, “Southern Metal”.  The band performs well and managed to engage the audience.

Their set was filled with a lot of guitar tunes and all props to their bassists.  In addition, there was a lot of great drum beats.  All props to Boner, the drummer (that was his name, why? I didn’t dare ask) because the beats of their song were hot.  Their songs had southern influence but it shouldn’t be confused with line dancing songs like Achy Breaky Heart. 

In order to describe their songs well and provide a better narrative it could be described in three words “SWEET HOME ALABAMA,” it’s as cool as that.  The similarity with southern songs is mostly just the beat. It’s the kind of music a person can dance with. Actually, their songs where so good, I was so tempted to dance in the dance floor however, the bar was not the kind of place you do that.  If I do see them again, I would definitely invite my home girls because I am sure they will have a great time and like this band as much as I did.

In addition to the great set, the band had a great interaction with the audience. Even though the bar wasn’t packed (it was a really bad bar and the bathrooms sucks!), Boner the drummer would raise his hands and holler at the audience once in a while.  He was really cute and entertaining. Also there was a guy who was dancing by himself in the middle of the dance floor.  He showed his appreciation to the music he was listening to.

In addition, to the great set and interaction with the audience, the band also had great energy and synergy.  In an interview with Tommy the lead singer, Sun of a Gun has only been around under a year or so.  However, they play really well with each other and seemed to be enjoying playing for the audience.  Sun of a Gun band members compliment each other.

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