I called my mom Saturday night to tell her I was in love…

 SNOOZEBOX—I love this band!!

We went to a bar on Saturday, and now I am happy to announce that I have a new favorite original local band!!

SNOOZEBOX tore up the stage that night, along with other hot bands (but they are not my new favorites).  From the minute I walked in to hear them playing (I had been in the other room dancing with my girls to the DJ) I was completely captivated.  This bar that we went to has several TV’s around which showed the band, but that wasn’t good enough for me, I needed to be in front of the stage to watch up-close as they slammed on their guitars. 

I said I was captivated and I’ll tell you why.  The lead singer, besides having a fabulous voice, was playing an acoustic guitar, and he looked like a young Matt Leblanc (think Joey, but thinner).  His style reminded me a bit of Dave Matthews Band and a bit of Dashboard Confessional, mixed in with Matchbox 20 – but with an edge. 

A friend, who also enjoyed the performance, commented that the acoustic was a bad idea, because the drum and bass overpowered it.  Maybe I don’t know as much about music as him, but I disagree, acoustic all the way baby. 

After talking to the guys and getting their CD, I listened to it in the car while an acquaintance of mine was throwing up outside a gas station on the way home (identities to remain undisclosed).  And I have to say that I was not as impressed with their recordings as I was with their live performance.  But that’s not to say I won’t pop the CD in, or rip it to my mp3 player. Maybe it was the charismatic way they held their guitars or their charming good looks or the fact that they looked like they were having fun up there, jamming out, that grabbed my attention that night.  And I have to say, can’t wait to see them again. 

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