Shwa, a DC based band with a lead singer from PA.  A mellower band compare to the other bands on that heavy-metal Original night.  The band’s music is as charming as Dashboard Confessional’s and the singer, Shwa Losben, is as cute as John Mayer.   

Songs about letting go and moving on filled up the CD’s tracks, such as “Here and Now”, “Bend”, “Forget I Said Anything” and “Moving On” (what did I tell you).  Pretty much this singer-song-writer just wanted to say Adios to a loved one. 

The lyrics are very mature and very well structured.  Here’s a sample from the song “Remember When”, There’s a pain/ An aberration/  A stray invasion/  A broken dream/  There’s a word/  For the danger/  Before it take you away from me. 

Another of my favorite is “Success is in your head/  When you’re resting in your bed/  So hang on now/  Don’t get your panties in a bunch/  While daddy’s out to lunch/  And baby’s being bad” from the song “Come On”. 

Music and lyrics that are “grown-up” is always a turn on. 

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