One-on-One Interview with Richie of Monkey Bus
By M.J.

A classically trained trumpet player who has been with Monkey Bus for about 7 years with Cheeze and T-bone. Richie, a son of a bass player, started playing the bass himself when he was a junior in high school. “I consider myself a true bass player”, he said.

Richie is an only child whose parents are both into music. A bass playing dad who is also a studio musician and a piano playing mom influenced this good-looking bald guy.

When I caught up with Richie to do this interview, this self-proclaimed “quiet person” was wearing a shirt that has these words on it: PORN STAR!

What do you love about your job?

I am very passionate about music… Being able to play for people so they’ll have fun… It is great to make a living with music. It is a fun thing to do. Although I hate dealing with people who are completely annihilated.

What do you mean?

Every person has a balance between being introverted and extroverted.

And you would be?

I really am an introvert but with Monkey Bus I am an extrovert.

What motivates you to do this?

My love for playing bass is gratifying. I can connect to people and try to make things better through music.

Any negative aspect about your job?

Very minute things… such as the schedule . I had to give up things that I want to do on the weekends because I have to work.

So Richie, do you prefer to be on top or bottom? 


Boxers or briefs? 


Favorite feature on a girl? 

Lower back

What profession would like to try? 


What turns you on? 

A smile. I also have a fetish for Asian women.

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