Reaction By Priscila

In watching Reaction, I observed that they got their audience involved.  They sang, engaged and communicated with their audience.  The band had a lot of personality on stage.  They did a lot of smiling and seemed to genuinely enjoy performing for their fans. They also nailed most of the cover songs they sang.

Adding to their stage presence they managed to engage the audience.  On their third set they got the crowd singing and jumping to their performance.  Also, they had fans that went up on stage and danced with the band (similarly to Monkey Bus’ Performances).  Plus, the band knew their fans by first name basis. Actually the lead singer greeted one of the fans birthday that night.

In addition to their great stage presence, they were very sociable off-stage.  In between sets all of them hung-out with their friends and fans (had some drinks with them too).  Actually, one of the band members, Steve Stringer the keyboardist introduced himself with Muah, “Bandaid correspondent”.  He asked why I wasn’t dancing (I hurt my toes from going out the other night). 

I enjoyed watching this cover band and I will drop in on them again.  They are also very cute and handsome so they can smile at me anytime!


Mike Lunamann (formerly of The Loop and Speed) 
(Lead Vocals, Guitar, and Percussion)

JD Valentine (Lead Guitar, Vocals)

Andy Silverstrini (Capp) (Bass Guitar, Vocals)

Steve Stringer (Keyboards, Vocals)

Richie Yusko (formerly of The Loop and Last Man Standing) (Drums)

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