Playful Ray Gradys
By: Priscila

Ray Gradys is an interesting punk rock band.  They’ve remade some famous songs and made them their own-cute. However, their most notable trait is their playfulness on and off-stage.  Their audience/fans/friends (somewhere mixed between those three) seem to have enjoyed their performance.

I watched Ray Gradys’ performance and their songs are witty and funny.  Specifically, when they punked-out Broadway’s tune Tomorrow from the 20 year old production of Annie (the orphan).  Tomorrow is a lot of people’s favorite Broadway song and Ray Gradys’ managed to punk it out.  Ray Grady’s stayed with the same beat and re-wrote the lyrics: “When you think of the day that’s gray and morbid / I just drink-up my gin and grin and say / F%$K, I gotta go to work tomorrow / I’m gonna hate myself this time tomorrow.”

However, what sets this band apart from most punk bands I have seen is their decorum - they were jack asses (in a good way). They remind me of my kindergarten (I’m not going to tell how long that has been). They have a fan/friend/enemy that continuously spit beer on the lead singer (and guitarist), Jon.  This was cute, but I found it a little disturbing.  Of course, my boyfriend thought it was cool.  Also, the Ray Gradys have a song where the drummer puts on a plastic mustache and a plastic hat.  This was interesting - not a lot of punk rock bands wear plastic mustaches, so this band has its own style and originality.

After their set, Jon wrestled with their fans/friends/enemies.   I just hope no one got seriously roughed-up.  Ray Gradys is campy, funny and original.   But seriously, I couldn’t take them seriously (lol).  But I didn’t go out to be serious.  I went out to have a blast.  Over all, they’re not so bad-they’re quite amusing.


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