The Queue

The Queue brought me to tears when I saw them perform.  No, not tears of happiness but tears of ……. Now how can I make this not sound too harsh?

Their bright colored pants and flowered shirts do not impress the audience.  It screams “CORNINESS”!!!

I’m sorry but the 70’s called and they want their checkered corduroy bell bottoms back!

The surprising thing about this band is their CD “Fall Out”.  Don’t judge a book by its cover.  Their music has a touch of Beatles-like style and Oasis-like tone.  A lot of piano playing and harmony singing in this band.  Don’t expect hard rock, but expect very good music.

I’m trashing their wardrobe because they are trying too hard and I’m just not buying it.  But I adore “Fall Out”. 

Their CD is an absolute favorite of mine.  If you are into the music of The Beatles, Jet or Oasis, or Costello, then The Queue is for you, baby!

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