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Meet the Perfectionist.  The Perfectionist is a band from West Philadelphia who performs Indie rock.  This band is composed of a science teacher, social worker and a print gallery assistant curator.  This band is socially admirable and their web site is filled with art works that are feast on the eyes. In addition, the web site has their songs “Shock” and “Awe” that you can listen too.  Then, I was so excited to watch this band perform and got psyched to be shocked and awed…


Watching this band, I was shocked but not so sure if I was awed.  This band is skanky!!! Skanky not with their music but with what the drummer had to show…The drummer performed in his under wear and I had a glimpse of his pubic hair. Some of the viewers were teasing them about it and made fun of it and the band took it as funny. 


Besides the flashing, the band has 2 songs that caught my attention.  “Turntable” and “After The Fall” have great punk and indie rock beat.  What’s great about their songs are the messages behind them. I asked, Aaron (bassist), what the songs were about and I was intrigued by their messages.  Turntable is about how Old Dirty Bastard was murdered by the current White House administration.  And their song, After The Fall is about having sex with Marilyn Monroe but only after Joe DiMaggio has gotten to her first.


In making reviews of band performances, I always try to appreciate everything they do… Hopefully, try to find out more about them and where they were coming from artistically.  (I don’t want to be the one who didn’t get Elvis when he first came out).  This band has great songs and the message is pretty amazing but I didn’t like their performance.  The performance was just not up to par- just something I don’t like about this band - maybe it’s the pubic hair….

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