Octane 1/2005 By Maria

My first experience with Octane was last Saturday, that night I was blown away by their presence.  The fact that they are the number one local band in the area was the reason I got all revved up.

Octane’s CD “When All Is Said And Done”, which I have been listening to, is very impressive enough….  But hearing them live…  they sound even better!! 

Octane is the epitome of a Philadelphia Band.  The guys are from Philly, their looks and attitude denote true Philadelphian Rockers! 

Their unquestionable talents attracted followers from all over the East Coast,  from Vermont to Virginia , from N.E. Philly to South Philadelphia .  Their hardcore fans raised their hands and banged their heads like there is no tomorrow, screaming and singing Octane’s original songs.

Octane started the night with an acoustic set and ended the night with the heavy metal ones.  Covers of AC/DC, Velvet Revolver and others were played too.  Brian Bortnick, the front man, engaged the hyped crowd to scream and sing louder.  And the crowd did!  I literally was showering with spit!  Everyone was just jamming with the band.  It was just awesome!  (well except for the shower of saliva, eeewww..)

Anyhow, my favorite is Brian Quinn.  His guitar playing, great voice and charming aura had me stare at him and admire his forte. 

Octane, the embodiment of a great local band.  I got to say it again, just to remind everyone that going to their show is definitely, positively, certainly an awesome and worth while experience.

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Brian B (lead vocals/acoustic guitar)
Brian Q (lead & rhythm guitars)     
Bob (drums)                         
Joe (bass)                          
Gregg (lead & rythm guitars)         

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