Hip Hop On Y100?!?!
By Maria

I own a 98 Honda Civic.  I love my car even though it has no CD player or a cassette player.  Isnít that pathetic?  Well, I rely on my car radio to keep me company with great tunes during my alone time in the car. 


Then Friday morning on  my way to work, I started my engine and 50 Cent was rapping on my radio.  What the F?!!  I donít remember programming my radio on a hip hop station?!  I looked and I looked again, yup it was Y100! 


Shocked and confused, I tuned in to WMMR with Pierre Robert on.  Oh, so I see..  Radio One suddenly had a change of heart and turned an alternative rock station to hip hop!  What were they thinking?!!


I have nothing against Hip Hop and RnB. I even listen to these kinds of music and of course danced to it too.  But donít we have enough Hip Hop and RnB stations in Philly?  Do I hear a ďHell yeahĒ? 


Philly is a great city and it is full of character.  What made this city is itís diversity, in people, culture and music.  Without an alternative radio station, that represents more than 1/4 of the music lovers in our city, we are living in a place of ennui.  And thatís not what Philly is all about!


This is pissing me off, as much as it saddens me.  And I am not the only one!!!  Let us not let the original Y100 stay off air without a fight!!  Go to Y100rocks.com and sign the petition. 


Y100 is one of the great supporters of  Local Music in the Philadelphia area, that is one reason Y100 rocks!!!

Please Click Here To Sign The Petition To Bring Y100 Back On Air.
Unless You Want Philly To Be The Biggest Town In America Without An Alternative Rock Station

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