Vitamin R
Brownies 38th St. Oct. 2004

Somebody needs a little Vitamin R (Ritalin). Tell that to the lead singer and self proclaimed clown of the band Mr. Greengenes. Bryen is the most animated and invigorating front man I had ever seen in a local bar ever! He jumped around, danced a lot, yelled and cursed the whole night. I was just waiting for him to do a cart wheel on stage, but he didn't (disappointed). On top of all these commotions, he didn't even miss a note singing every single song!

Mr. Greengenes is a band from West Chester, PA. Composed of Bryen, the lead; John, the bass player; Harry, on the keyboards; Joe, the guitarist and Tim, the drummer. This band has been in this party business for 10 years and even released their very own CD in 1997 which sold 10,000 copies.

This hyperactive band can be seen at Lincoln Financial Field every Eagles home game, getting the crowd pumped up for the game. Like the Eagles' fans need some pumping up, right? Well Mr. Greengenes is one of the greatest cover bands out there, with their outstanding performances and stimulating sound and acts. I really don't think Bryen should take Vitamin R.

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