The Truth Behind Y100
By Maria

Do you know why Y100 went off air?  The truth is that advertisers just didnít want to put a lot of money on a station that catered to a lot of teenagers or high schoolers!  Can you believe that?  Now we got something to blame on the young bucks again!!

Obviously Y100 played a lot of modern rock songs.  A lot of the songs are by young artists who attracts, of course, who else but mostly young listeners.  Starting to make sense now? 

Okay now try to recall the Y100 Sonic Sessions or the Y100 Feztival or Feastival or the free concerts at Pennís Landing that you went to.  Now didnít you feel like you were the oldest person in the crowd?  Right?!

That is exactly the reason why Y100 advertisers didnít want to advertise anymore and fund the former alternative rock station.  Advertisers target consumers who are 18 years old and up and some advertisers go for the demographics of the twenty-something crowd.  Y100 just didnít give the ďbossĒ what they wished for.

We will miss Y100.  All we can do now is to put a sticker on our car saying ďIn loving memory of Y100.  We will cherish the modern rock music you provided our ears through the years.  We will miss your presence in the city.  You will always have a place in our heartĒ. 

Iím sorry but we did all we can do.  I doubt that a hundred CPRís or mouth-to-mouth resuscitations or any petition in this world will bring back our lost loved one. 

So when you go out drinking this weekend, give a toast of RIP to our good old friend Y100.  Salud!

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