Expect a Hot New Album From Spin

By: Priscila

February 6, 2005

In Top Dog, amidst a haven for adultís ADD...  (C'mon Eight!  not one but Eight! Big screen TV mounted in one room, billiard, machine operated game tables, a huge bar , crowded good looking Jersey suburbanites, DJ that played house music and a stage for a live band!  There's too much going on... We love it  There's too much to do....) It would be hard for one to focus their attention longer than 2 minutes....  However, One band got our attention, Spin.


Spin played three original songs that evening.  One of them was a song titled, Playing Dead.  It has a great alternative sound  and deserved our reader's attention.  Further interview from band members, they stated they are in a process of recording an Album.  So fans of Spin, you are in a real treat... If you haven't heard it yet... Request it on their show... Remember you read it here first!!!

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