Songs From The South
Sun of a Gun CD
By Annalisa

Just got out of work one night when I realized I still have tons of CD’s to review.  I popped the Sun Of A Gun CD in my CD player and while working out a sweat, listened to this so-called “Country Metal/Rock” music. 

The first song on the CD, “How Long?” was funky (in a good way) right off the bat.  The rhythm guitar overwhelmingly outdoes the entire song.  Just like a baby crying inside a church. You know like how it is quiet and solemn and then the silence was broken by a loud cry of a baby, yet it entertained you somehow?  Yeah, the guitar down-right exceeds the whole song.

The song about Jesus was way too “Gonzo” for me to comprehend.  With lyrics like, “You don’t know me/I don’t ever want to know you/You don’t know me/And that’s just the way that I like it/The only thing we have in common is/We’re all gonna die”, and a title like “Jesus Drives A Buick”, yeah it’s up to you to interpret.  Be it subjective or not, I don’t even want to try…

The last song “Belly Aching” was straight up “Country Rock” if you must.  It was about a hooker, a shotgun, a long ride home and stomach ache and other stuff that only country singers would dare sing about.  The chorus will remind you of the song “Brown-eyed Girl”. 

The group has a lot to offer but a three song CD left me hanging.  If you are into Tom Petty, Brooks and into alternative music too, then this CD can help you out with that.  I like it, although I wasn’t really smitten by it, I can tolerate it and listen to it again. 

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