Pointers For Bands

As everyone knows, I enjoy listening and watching live performances of every kind of rock band.  And through-out watching a handful of local bands, I have witnessed great bands and not so great bands.  And in watching the not so great bands, I have made notes on certain things that I did not enjoy about their performance. 



Instruments not properly maintained

            Once, I saw a band without a working microphone and it was embarrassing. It made them look so incompetent and irresponsible. The singer had to scream his songs on stage. This will not just make you look unprofessional but can stress your vocal cords (hello Ashley Simpson!).  I saw bands without proper equipment and it ruins their performances. The guitars are not in tune, speakers are squeaky, rasping microphones and busted drums (unless they sound like that-well, they got me fooled).  Equipments should be tested before every performance.     


Drinking too much

            Drinking is part of being in the “band”.    Drinking and getting tipsy is used by bands to loosen-up, tap to their creative mind, opportunity to make some money (promotion) or blunt out drinking  just for the heck of it (alcohol is yummy).  However, some rockers drink too much alcohol and have a reverse effect on their performance.  I am referring to the drunken moments when someone, falls-off the stage, kick their own equipment (microphones and speakers most of the time), drunken blurs their songs out and miss their cues.  There is a balance between having a good performance and drinking.  And it is not drinking like there’s no tomorrow.  It’s very simple.  It could be done by having a “few” drinks before performing and then drink all you want after the performance (just don’t forget about me-stop by for an interview).


Repetition is the key to successful Marketing

            It is not good that the band perform songs after songs without pausing and conversing with the audience.  In between songs a band should stop and give a few lines about the band.  For example, state the band’s name, website, title of the song just performed, their next gig or CD for sale (Cha-ching).  It is because not everyone in the crowd is familiar with the band.  Some of the people could be just seeing the band for the first time and it helps the band to connect and inform the audience.  It is the band’s opportunity to get a new fan so-Inform and market your band in between songs.  They are already listening to your fabulous self and you got their attention so sell, sell, sell.



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