By Maria

                                          “All we need is gasoline”

That is right, but actually all we need is cheaper gasoline. “With the pedal to the metal and gasoline… We’ll ride upon the sky…” and we need a whole lot of gas for that trip!

I just got OCTANE’S 2003 album titled, “When All Is Said And Done” and “Gasoline” is the soft rock song that is being played on local rock stations in Philly. “I For One” also gets air time on radio stations like WYSP and MMR.

OCTANE epitomizes Philadelphia’s original band. Their original sound and captivating lyrics separates them from other original bands in the area. Their aptitude put a mark on every Philly, Jersey and Delaware nightclubs.

They are idolized by other local cover and original bands as well. When the phrase, “local original bands” is mentioned, OCTANE is the first name that pops up on everyone’s heads.

Their 2003 CD “When All Is Said And Done” sounds like a collaboration of Godsmack and Three Doors Down. There are songs that can put you in a rocking mood yet it also contains a few slower songs that can put you down to a chilling mood.

Oh! I got to add this. My favorite track is #2, “Chosen”. The drums got me on my feet and the beat made me sway my hips. My eyes were shut closed by the crying of the guitar. And the voice singing the song gave me chills with his awesome voice.

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