A Month Hanging Out With Spin
By Priscila

Just to let everyone know, it is so cool to work at a website that allows me to hang out with cool bands from Philadelphia.  In a month, my assignment was to hang out with a particular band as much as possible.  In my hanging out I had to write any cool observations that I made.  Well, I picked one of my favorite, Spin.  Jim, Lou, Eric and Henry made my evenings fun.

I really liked hanging out with Spin and I believed they are one of the best bands in Philly.  I also know that there are some that disagree (that would be you Gavin!).  However, I would like to stand my ground and explain why I think Spin is a really damn good band.  What makes Spin a great band are the following: Eric can rock the house, the band members are down to earth and they are so much fun to hang out with.

Watching Spin’s performances was awesome and I guarantee you that you will love they’re performances.  I know everyone in this band is talented and I never heard any complains on a bad Spin performance of any sorts.  However, my favorite band member is Eric.  Eric has such a great voice.  I also dig Eric’s style.   I like the fishnet gloves, the flash light and his clothes.  Most of all, I like Eric when he performs.  While performing, he gets on the middle of the dance floor and rocks out. Sometimes, I wonder where the voice comes from with his petite frame (no offense, Eric!).  I usually don’t say what kind of music a band should play more often but I am making exceptions.  Because I am a true fan of this band, I would love to hear more 80’s English Band songs to be sung by Eric.  And, I would love to hear their song “Playing Dead” more often. 

Their song “Playing Dead” is so awe-inspiring.  As a matter of fact, you can check their song at Myspace.com. In addition, you can buy their other songs on I-pod. Damn! I wish I have an I-pod.

Another cool aspect about this band is that there is no “diva” attitude.  They are not at all snotty or think so highly of themselves and yet they are so talented.  Jim said once that he doesn’t like it if some band act like they’re all that.  I agree and I never see this band act the same way.  In between sets, they talk to the audience.  Mingle.  They say hi and know you by first names.  I could have never picked an awesome band to do this assignment with.

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