Another good original CD by a local band out there that every local music fans should have is SPLIT DECISION’s “Lost” . Trust me, it was sold out for a while and it is still in demand. The song “Why Are You Still Here?” is getting air time on Y100. So, what are you waiting for, why are you still here? You should be getting out there and buying the CD! (Well after you read this first.)

The CD had to grow on me though. It doesn’t grab you instantly but listen to it three times and all of a sudden you are hooked!!! You just got to hear it all the time. Now I’m addicted to it.

The upbeat, up tempo and “perfect alternative” lyrics reminds you of Fuel and Hoobastank songs. Its not the type of CD that is full of hate and drugs and suicide notes. Nope, none of that! You know, its like the sound can relax your mood but won‘t make you fall asleep. Get it, the “perfect alternative”.

“Villain” should be in the Spiderman soundtrack, with its lyrics inspiring everyone to “fight for freedom and save everyone”. “Back For You” is a great song for lovebirds or even a good song for military personnel. The bass intro of the song “Lost” is splendid and the lead guitar is titillating to the ears. Of course all the songs would not be complete without the great beat coming from the drums. And the great voices singing the songs made the ensemble absolute.

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