Laura Lea
By: Maria

Females with guitars and females who can sing well are HOT!  Not to sound gay, Laura Lea doesn’t only rock but she is also hot. 

So to all male fans, are you ready for this?  Laura Lea is the pretty blonde chick who fronts the band Tripp Fabulous.  In the world of rock music, although it is not uncommon, we don’t usually see a woman as the leader of the pack.  So, for us, Laura Lea rocks!

Laura Lea performed a solo acoustic show first that silenced the entire bar and rocked out the night with her band Tripp Fabulous.  With her subliminal-hum of a voice and fuzzed-out guitar, the listener is like trapped in an “effervescent” mood. 

The self-titled CD includes “Chemical Whore”, “Still Alive” and “Gone”.  Laura Lea got such a strong voice, a la Melissa Etheridge with Jewel-like- looks and sound.  Most of her songs are about heartache and lost typical girl struggles which we can all relate to. 

I love her CD.  Now a day with Ashley Simpson lip-synching and Avril Lavigne screaming, it’s nice to hear a real girl earnestly singing her own songs in a mellow-type-of-way.  Laura Lea sings from the bottom of her heart and anyone can solemnly feel her pain. 

I’ve never heard a voice in Philly as great as Laura Lea Taraskus.  Her voice blew me away like how a cold wind gives you chills all over your body.  Yeah, she is that awesome!

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