Jaxum Records Show Down
By: Priscila

One great night at a club located north of Center City, we hung out and watched the performances of my friends Santalina and Elijah.  Santalina and Elijah performed with their new dancers. Not so long ago, Jaxum Records auditioned dancers and I feel so lucky to have been in their performances. It made me realized how diverse and talented Philadelphians are and I felt great to live in such a place.


The performances were great and the crowd was genuinely having fun.  The tracks were hot and well sung but the choreography was fabulous.  The excellent choreography was from Jaxum’s Master Choreographer Nick Teti. The dancers were fantastic and in between sets they were doing free style (and I felt a little intimidated cause they were great!).


At the back stage I hung around with the Jaxum Staff for an interview…  In my interview, a situation had occurred.  My fr%^ing tape recorder was not cooperating and working properly that evening. My first interview was with Elijah and he waited patiently untill I get my recorder in working order.  I was embarrassed but I was really happy that he waited patiently. I must say, I liked this guy before… I like this guy even more.  He was patient and very down to earth.  No “Diva” attitude.  In between sets, he even danced with his fans and with the dancers.  This guy is headed for stardom because he is talented and has the right attitude and frame of mind.  He made a bigger fan out of me that night!


My next interview was with Kyra De Marco the newest talent from Jaxum Records. Kyra will be touring this summer.  She will be singing alternative and pop rock comparably with Avril Lavigne, Blink 182 and Liz Phair.  I look forward  to seeing this girl perform because she is so nice.  By the way, for anyone interested, they are looking for a new Bassist.


The evening was fun and nothing short from a performance I have come to enjoy and expect from Santalina and Elijah. Besides my f’d-up tape recorder, I had a great time.

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