A Million Things To Do B4 A Show

We had a contest about the things Cheeze of Monkey Bus does before a show.  Whoever can name at least 10 of the things he does religiously before he performs will get a digital camera. We thought we will never get an entry at all.  But then someone proved us wrong.

We don’t know why the hell this dude from Monkey Bus does these weird things.  Either he is very superstitious, traditional or just plain anal, we really don’t know.  But whatever it is that makes him perform better, we as audience will take it.

The following are some of the stuff Cheeze does before a gig (we will not reveal all of it due to the fact that it might bring him bad luck. Lol):
-  Does vocals/sing inside his car on his way to a gig.  Therefore none of his band members gets a ride with him.  Nobody would want to have their eardrums break.
-  Drinks a gallon of H2O before heading out to the stage.  Plus bringing another gallon of H2O to the gig.  Talk about bathroom break.
-  As much as possible, wear a black t-shirt (with goofy/cheesy sayings on it).  So if you girls are planning to get him a shirt, try to get it in black.
-  Ties his shoes 2X before performing.  To prevent it from flying off his feet when he does his tae-bo-like-kicks.
-  Writes the song list for the three sets for the night before heading out to a gig.  Nobody else can.
-   Throws change on the stage (weird, right?).
-   Have another guy hold on to his keys.  Take note, a specific guy holds on to his keys all the time, no one else can.
-  Make out with one of his band members to ensure a good voice for the whole night.  Just kidding… We made that one up. 
-  Grab a cute girl to kiss before he goes up the stage.  We just also made that up too… 

Well here are some of the things Michael Esposito Jr. a.k.a. Cheeze does before a gig.  Weird?  Maybe…   

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