New CD Release: Mama Kangaroos Women of Philly

sings Captain Beefheart


            Twenty Philly Bands with female singers performs songs of 60’s rock legend, Captain Beefheart.  The CD was a product of hard work and compiled for four years by local producer Mike Viller’s of Genus Records.  Mama Kangaroos will be released on Spring 2005, approximately May 1, 2005. 

The record contains twenty songs and every three or four songs contained different genres.  Included in these songs are as follows: Where There’s A Woman, The Witch Doctor Life, Sugar Bowl, Party of Special Things to do, I’m Glad, Frying Pan and more.  Every three or four songs are from different variety of musical styles from punk rock, electronic, weird jazz and more.  The CD showcases the talent and styles of twenty of Philly local bands with female singers. Some of the Philly bands include, Kiss Kiss Kill, King of Siam, Global Transmission and many more.

On an interview, Mr. Millers stated that he selected the songs for the bands based on their style which he referred to as a method similarly used by a casting director. As a result, Mama Kangaroo contained songs by Captain Beefheart that was performed by the band that fit their own musical style. 

A sneak peak CD wrap party of Mama Kangaroo will be held on Wednesday, 9th of March 2005 at World Café.  The party starts at 9:00pm with a solo performance of Gary Lucas of Captain Beefheart’s magic band.  For more information about the CD, visit  For tickets for the CD wrap party, visit them at .

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