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A Million Things To Do B4 A Show - We had a contest about the things Cheeze of Monkey Bus does before a show.  Whoever can name at least 10 of the things he does religiously before he performs will get a digital camera. We thought we will never get an entry at all.  But then someone proved us wrong.

Element does VR. Nothing is hotter than Velvet Revolver. And do you know what can be much hotter than going to a Velvet Revolver Concert? Actually doing a gig at a Velvet Revolver Concert is the hottest gig for a local band.
Ike - Ever heard of the expression "It's such a high"? It is when something gives you a rush and hits you just right to the point of exhilaration, then the feeling of calmness and happiness and satisfaction disembarks.
Jenn Stang - Jenn Stang a hot blonde singer that has a vocal style comparably with Sarah McLachlan.   Jenn Stang’s song has tranquil lyricism, engaging short drum beats and good guitar rave-ups.
Pointers For Bands - I compiled a list of suggestions that “I” have given a band.  Hopefully, this may provide guidance to other bands and evoke some discussions from our readers.  If you would like to add a few more suggestions, please contact us at
Laura Lea - Females with guitars and females who can sing well are HOT!  Not to sound gay, Laura Lea doesn’t only rock but she is also hot.
So to all male fans, are you ready for this?  Laura Lea is the pretty blonde chick who fronts the band Tripp Fabulous.  In the world of rock music, although it is not uncommon, we don’t usually see a woman as the leader of the pack.  So, for us, Laura Lea rocks!
Songs From The South - Just got out of work one night when I realized I still have tons of CD’s to review.  I popped the Son Of A Gun CD in my CD player and while working out a sweat, listened to this so-called “Country Metal/Rock” music.
Guys In Hats - Of all the guys in all the bands I’ve seen the ones in hats are the ones I always drool over.  You rock out with your guitar/bass/mic/drums and trust me the fact that you can either play or sing (or BOTH), and that you get up in front of hundreds of people to do it is sexy enough on it’s own. BUT if you want to win my heart, keep your head covered.
A Month Hanging Out With Spin - Just to let everyone know, it is so cool to work at a website that allows me to hang out with cool bands from Philadelphia.  In a month, my assignment was to hang out with a particular band as much as possible.  In my hanging out I had to write any cool observations that I made.  Well, I picked one of my favorite, Spin.  Jim, Lou, Eric and Henry made my evenings fun.
The Truth Behind Y100 - Do you know why Y100 went off air?  The truth is that advertisers just didn’t want to put a lot of money on a station that catered to a lot of teenagers or high schoolers!  Can you believe that?  Now we got something to blame on the young bucks again!!
Captain Beefheart - Mama Kangaroos
Hip Hop On Y100?!? - Shocked and confused, I tuned in to WMMR with Pierre Robert on. Oh, so I see.. Radio One suddenly had a change of heart and turned an alternative rock station to hip hop! What were they thinking?!!
Jaxum Records Show Down The evening was fun and crazy and I love watching Santalina and Elijah perform their original songs. Like always, Santalina and Elijah bring down the house with their encore performances. The dancers did a little free style and it was a great night filled with talent and promise.
Towne House Girls of Monkey Bus I have been reading your interviews and articles about Monkey Bus. I totally agree with what you wrote about them. My girlfriends and I have been seeing Monkey Bus for 3 years now. We enjoy our weekends with Monkey Bus and have the best time with those guys.
Palomar One weekend at Khyber, I was conducting business and I saw the band Palomar.  And I was stopped by Palomar a band from New York City.  I enjoyed their performance and I felt really lucky to have seen their show because it has a feel good rhythm to it.
Spin Hot and Fresh SPIN Band
Octane “All we need is gasoline”  That is right, but actually all we need is cheaper gasoline. “With the pedal to the metal and gasoline… We’ll ride upon the sky…” and we need a whole lot of gas for that trip!  I just got OCTANE’S 2003 album titled, “When All Is Said And Done” and “Gasoline” is the soft rock song that is being played on local rock stations in Philly. “I For One” also gets air time on radio stations like WYSP and MMR.
Santalina and Elijah Perform at Fundraiser  - Elijah started off the party by singing a song , "Make Money, Money, Money"!!!  Elijah donated his time and talent  to raise funds for the event. He is from West Philly who’s dedication and passion for music got the attention of big time record company, Jaxum Records. The highlight of the night was the performance of Santalina who won the hearts of Philadelphians on Q102’s Philly Idol back in 2002.  Santalina is the #1 downloaded Philadelphia artist.
An Order of Rock n' Roll, Please We all have our own likes and dislikes. We all have different tastes in music. Therefore we go to bars where we can here the music we want to hear. People would go to a Spanish club to dance Salsa or Merengue, to a Jazz bar to listen to Jazz, to a hip-hop club to listen to hip-hop and etc.  Mo Faux (pronounced Mo-Foh), french word for something "fake", right.... Is it? This is the first band I heard who played so much hip-hop in an Irish bar ever!!!
Vitamin R Somebody needs a little Vitamin R (Ritalin). Tell that to the lead singer and self proclaimed clown of the band Mr. Greengenes. Bryen is the most animated and invigorating front man I had ever seen in a local bar ever! He jumped around, danced a lot, yelled and cursed the whole night. I was just waiting for him to do a cart wheel on stage, but he didn't (disappointed). On top of all these commotions, he didn't even miss a note singing every single song!
Lost Another good original CD by a local band out there that every local music fans should have is SPLIT DECISION’s “Lost” . Trust me, it was sold out for a while and it is still in demand. The song “Why Are You Still Here?” is getting air time on Y100. So, what are you waiting for, why are you still here? You should be getting out there and buying the CD! (Well after you read this first.)
Is That Gwen Stefani? Looks like Gwen Stefani, sounds like Gwen Stefani, is she Gwen Stefani? Nope. I'm talking about Kara from the band Blasted. I saw this hot, blonde gal one night singing her ass off on stage to No Doubt's "I'm Just A Girl". I had to look twice to make sure that it wasn't No Doubt on stage. I was right because I was also looking for the short, dark skinned, bleached head dude and I didn't see one. I saw a cute, tall, Dawson's Creek look-a-like instead, only more  "punk rock" than James Vanderbeek with a tie, who sings a-la Gavin Rossdale from the Bush.
"....Live Everyday Like There Is No Tomorrow, That Is Why It Is Called The Present."  These are the unforgettable words of Mickey Gallagher who died of a heart problem in 2002. On Oct. 17th 2004, Finnigan's Wake had a benefit for Mickey Gallagher, where all his friends and relatives gathered in memory of him. To all those who knew Mickey, he was a vibrant and generous person who everybody loved. An alumni of Northeast Catholic HS who was the chairman of a group for organ donors.   He encouraged young people to become organ donors. He was also a roadie for local acts and bands in the area.

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