Mike T. of The Zone 05/2005

BandAid (BA): Hello Mike… How are you?

Mike T (MT): I’m fantastic. 

BA: What’s your favorite song?

MT: My favorite song of all time or to play?

BA: To play…

MT: My favorite song now to play has to be the Killer’s… Umm…Somebody told you. (corrected) somebody told me.. (laughs) I never know lyrics to any song.

BA: You don’t know the lyrics?

MT: So many words to memorize…  It’s the $%^& (laughs)! I usually forget them.

BA: why? (smiled to show I was just kidding)  How about all time?

MT: ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG (thinking…) I don’t think I have one… 

BA: No? What can you say about your fans…

MT: About my fans? Well, I don’t view them as fans they’re more like friends. 

BA: (Interrupted) How about “groupies” (emphasis on the term groupies)?

MT: (laughs) No groupies.  Just friends.

BA: Ok, Cool!

MT: They’re all very cool people.  They like the band a support us very well.  They let us do what we do and have the life we want and we like entertaining them and they’re all very cool people.

BA: Oh, Ok.  What do you like about playing?

MT: I love the relationship with the people and energy on stage.  I don’t know….   It gives me that thing.  You know what I mean?

BA: Are you single?

MT: No.

BA: Really?  (just double checking… He is soo cute)

MT: Laughs. Yeah.  I’m not single…

            Darn!!! He is soo hot! He can dance, Funny and Cute!  I wished he wasn’t single! 

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