Loudmouth is the Cover Band of the Month
 by Priscila

Shaun, Billy, Mike, Chris and Adam make Loudmouth, our band of the month this December. Loudmouth has a great song selection, great stage presence and synergy that makes them great performers and phillybandaids.com very first band of the month. Besides being good performers, Loudmouth is composed of yummies (very sexy band members)! Oh…. How can anyone resist these cute guys! However, besides the good looks and great performances, Loudmouth is set apart from other cover bands because they are very friendly. Fans, tons of fans, talk and chat with them after every performance (wink-wink: Hot groupies like us).

When Loudmouth perform, they rock out the audience. The crowd sings when they sing, jumps when they jump and head bangs when they do… The head banging and the jumping electrify everyone…. Also Shaun and Billy are great vocalists… They sing Maroon 5, 311, Rolling Stones and many more. They can perform classic rock and new songs as well.

One of many Loudmouth’s gigs is at Top Dog. Their acoustic performance is from 9pm to 1am. A groupie can sit down near the bar and still be close to the stage… This create such an intimate atmosphere, and it feels like Billy is singing his heart out to you. It’s like a rock and roll serenade… it’s so cool!

Also, during a Loudmouth’s performance, you see tons of girls get crazy in front of the stage, wanting a piece of Loudmouth… They all do. Girls just can’t contain themselves. Loudmouth is so hot. Everyone in the band is so hot… Shaun, Billy, Chris, Adam and Mike are so wickedly cute…

Let me ellaborate for anyone who can't see my point of view, Let's start with Shaun… Besides having a sexy voice, Shaun is definitely my sweet eye candy. Shaun has cool hair (not as cool as Billy’s), the feathered hair under the skull cap is so sexy. And have you talked to him lately… This guy is capable of intimate conversation. His girl is so lucky, oh wait! He’s single! YES! Girls, he’s SINGLE! Also, Shaun is full of dreams… Talk to him, he’s friendly and you’ll see…. He is such a Smitten Kitten…. Sexy kitten!

How about Billy? If you speak to Billy, he is so funny and witty. He is so cute and he does have great hair!!!! Every time I see Billy, the hair is always banging… He is such a "bond"! (Bond- is someone with nice hair all the time) And I think he wears eyeliner which is so darn hot! If he doesn’t, well he has natural smokey eyes then… If he wasn’t singing rock… I can picture him as a balladeer (yes, I listen to ballads as well! Oh yeah! Soft rock!)! Why? Cause he has the dreamy eyes and the voice for it!

Now Chris has the boy next door look. He is definitely the Leonardo di Caprio of the band. Ladies, this boy next door is a graduate from Rutger's University. What can you say, cute and brainy!

If they have the Leonardo di Caprio, they also have the bad boy of the band. And that would be Mike. Mike looks like he can mess up anyone who messes with his woman!!!! Wait does he have a girl? Well if you check out the Loudmouth's guestbook, all the ladies want to pinch his butt. By the way, this yummy is also a bad ass on the dance floor! He knows how to grind! Yummy! A bad boy drummer and a boy who can get down on the dance floor! That’s Mike of Loudmouth!

Now, that leaves me to Adam with the cool green goatie and light hair… Now Adam has a face of an angel or male model…. If he ever lets go of the hair and goatie, he can definitely be a model… At first, meeting Adam you would think he’s a snub but he’s actually just shy… His angel face is so irrisistable. If Adam ever sells out and let go of the mohawk hair, I can picture him as a cologne model…

Loudmouth can bring down the house! Girls follow them all the time and they deffinitely have my attention… Also, let me take this moment, to propose to Shaun. Let me get down on my knees and ask Shaun… Shaun, will you take me as your loving Groupie!!!! To have and to hold and forever watch your band… Always, I’ll be at your show!

They got attitude, synergy, great song selection and Good Looks! This made Loudmouth a nominee for band of the year.

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