Last Man Standing 2/05
By: MJ

A friend asked me when was the last time you saw a great cover band?  I laughed and I thought, “that  was like asking me when was the last time I had an orgasm (not counting the Rabbit)”.  Well the answer is, “a looooooooong time ago”. 

Writing for this website is like going out on dates.  You got a list of potential bands to check out.  You go out and check them out.  Some of them are good, some were bad, but none of them was great.  Just like my recent dates.

Bands are supposed to work hard on the weekend nights.  Their “supposed” goal is to “get people off”.  I mean that is the main reason why people come out on the weekend to the bars, to have a freaking great time, right?  To leave their inhibitions at home and get all wild up!

A lot of cover bands sing the same songs we hear on Y100 (well before they went off air).  Last Man Standing was pretty good at it.  The band hit the high notes and can also pass as the original artists when you hear LMS play.  That is what they are, a cover band and they did a really damn good job at it! 

Last Man Standing was energetic and harmonic.  The problem was, I was expecting something else.  When I saw them getting ready for their sets, I thought they were cute and seems to have their own style.  You know, they might  put a little twist here and there, a dash of originality.  They might put in a little medley or some uniqueness to it or some jiving moves.  I expected a little too much… 

The audience wants variety and a distinct performance from local artists.  Come on, you are good enough to make a signature of your own. 

Last Man Standing is the typical cover band we all love to watch because of the familiar songs they sing.  What are they?  All the played-out songs you hear on the radio and at the bars you go to! 

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