Interview with Chris M. Of the Zone - Chris M is another talented Guitarist from the zone. This cutie finds his inspiration from the music itself.
Interview Arthur J. of The Zone - Arthur J. L. is The Zone’s Guitarist and who sometimes does vocals.  He is also very very funny and oh so cute which is apparent from this interview
Interview Mike T. of The Zone - Ok, we heard your requests and we interviewed, Mike of the Zone.  They were very cool and I enjoyed hanging out with them.  They also mentioned that they liked our article (I like them, too!).  Click Here for our review of the band written by our infamous, Maria!
Interview Steve of Animal House - You guys play everywhere but Philly.  Why is that so?  We actually play a lot in and around Philly. Finnigan’s Wake, The Lagoon, Rock Lobster are all great rooms. Mix in Atlantic City, the Jersey shore, and anywhere from Boston to Key West Florida and you have one busy successful band.
Interview Dangeros - On an interview with Justin, Jeff and Drew of the Danger”O”s.  (By the way, they’re PhillybandAid review will be next week-you have to check it out).  Justin is the lead singer and base.  Jeff is the lead guitarist and Drew is the Drummer. 
Interview Alex Levine - One night on South Street at the Pontiac Grille. I had an opportunity to interview Alex Levine who just finished performing.
Interview Laura Lea Taraskus - Laura Lea Taraskus is the front-girl of a good band called Tripp Fabulous.  This blonde hottie was a sales manager at a hotel before she sang professionally.  This singer also has a degree in Accounting.  Wow!  A woman with brains and beauty and also talent.  Laura Lea sings the National Anthem for the Wings’ home games for 6 seasons now.
Interview John Faye of Ike - Not so long ago, someone gave me a tip on this band as their song was played in WMMR.  I have been checking their site and have been a big, really big FAN.  Now our readers can learn about one of my new favorite local band, Ike.  They also provided our readers a link to they’re music site.
Interview with Jim of Spin - The one who plays the keyboard, that's Jim!  He is the "awesome" dude who was born in South Philly and grew up in the Northeast.  This funny guy is also a website designer, who went to La Salle High School with Eric and Henry (two of his band members), and who thinks that being in Spin is like hanging out with his best friends, and it is "just so awesome" ...
Interview with Tommie of Sun of a Gun - Tommie Griggz is the lead singer for the Son of the Gun 
Interview with Cheeze of Monkey Bus - Cheeze a.k.a. Michael Esposito Jr. is the self-proclaimed shy guy who fronts Monkey Bus.  He is one of the original members of Monkey Bus.  T-bone and Cheeze started the band about nine years ago.  The two of them started the band as a joke.  They were both in an original band before but decided to do cover later on. 
Interview with Josh of Bliss Puppies - On a bar in South Street, a Bandaid interviewed Josh of Bliss Puppies.
Interview with Eric of Spin - Spin is composed of guys from different bands.  Spin officially started in April of 2004.  Henry, the guitar player, Jim, the keyboardist and Eric were together in a band called Spin the Bottle.  Then the band is now complete with the drummer, Lou and with a new name!  According to Eric, the lead singer, the band used to do all covers and it kind of like “metamorphosized” over the year.  I had the pleasure to do an interview with Eric who is a really nice person to talk to.
Interview with Rob of Monkey Bus - Rob of Monkey Bus is one of the greatest guitarists in our town!  This guy used to be with the bands Mr. Greengenes and Steamroller Picnic.  Rob has been with Monkey Bus for 5 years now and enjoys every single time he plays with the guys. 
Interview with Eric of Y-Not - Again, chicks dig drummers.  My cousin will attest to that.  Eric plays drums for a hot band called Y-not.  He had been playing drums since he was 13 years old.  This drummer is single.  He admits to the fact that having a relationship while playing in a band is pretty tough. 
Interview with Aaron of The Perfectionist - An interview with Aaron of the Perfectionist.  A local original band from West Philadelphia.
Interview with John of Y-Not - We all know that Y-not has a hot girl in the band, but don’t forget that there is also a hot front man!  John is the hottie who had been singing and playing guitar for 10 years.  “I love playing and performing in front of people”, explained this 28 year old guy.  He believes that it is his “calling in life”, to play music and entertain people.
Interview with Jimi of Split Decision - At a crowded weekend at Finigan’s wake… Sara interviewed Jimmy of Split Decision.
Interview with T-Bone of Monkey Bus - You know how you always try to get a glimpse of the drummer in the band?  There is also a saying that chicks are crazy about the drummers.  Well behind the cymbals, huge drums, cowbell, and not to mention the guitarists and the lead singers, there we find sitting down in a short stool with drum sticks is the drummer.
Interview with Santalina - Interview with Santalina at the Tsunami Relief Fundraising Event at Manila Bay
Interview with Ray-Ray of Split Decision - On  a very busy crowded night at Finnigan's Wake, one weekend...  Split Decision was playing.  Therefore, it was packed.  It was wall to wall people...  An interview with the talented
Ray-Ray of Split Decision took place...

Interview with Shaun of Loudmouth - Shaun of Loudmouth was looking fine as usual and a “groupie got to do what a groupie got to do”.  And that would be flirting with band members…. And here is Priscila’s groupie encounter…

Interview with Mike of Loudmouth - Mike is the talented drummer who can also shake his ass on the dance floor.  The native of Jersey can rap, play drums and dance all night long!  Mike has been playing the drums for 8 years.  He and Chris also came up with name of the band.  They got it from the movie Dumb and Dumber.
Interview with Billy of Loudmouth - This 23 year old hottie has been playing the guitar since he was 15.  Here is Maria’s interview with Billy.
Interview with Adam of Loudmouth - Looking for someone who can perfectly sing a Metallica song?  Check out Adam and listen to his perfect raspy voice.  Read further and you’ll find out more about this nice guy.  I (Maria) had the chance to talk to this really cool guy on the phone and  here is our conversation.
Interview with AJ of Monkey Bus - AJ is the undeniably cute guy who plays guitar and keyboards for an undeniable cute band called Monkey Bus. This 28 years old guy has been playing with Monkey Bus for 2 years. He started out with other bands 8 years ago with friends from Clockworks and 56 PickUp. 
Interview with Ritchie of Monkey Bus - A classically trained trumpet player who has been with Monkey Bus for about 7 years with Cheeze and T-bone. Richie, a son of a bass player, started playing the bass himself when he was a junior in high school. “I consider myself a true bass player”, he said.
Top Tens by Chris Ingham of Metal Hammer from the book of Metal A top ten list of the most influential metal bands of all time

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