T-Bone a.k.a. Rob of Monkey Bus
By: MJ

You know how you always try to get a glimpse of the drummer in the band?  There is also a saying that chicks are crazy about the drummers.  Well behind the cymbals, huge drums, cowbell, and not to mention the guitarists and the lead singers, there we find sitting down in a short stool with drum sticks is the drummer. 


Monkey Bus is not only composed of good singer and guitarist and keyboardist and bassist but also of a good drummer named Rob.  Rob started the band with Cheeze a.k.a. Mike about 10 years ago.  I tried to get Rob to tell me how they named the group and how they got their nicknames.  Read on and find out more about this cute drummerÖ


What motivates you?


The crowd


What do you like most about your job?


I play with friends.  Its like I go out and have fun and meet new people.  The drinks are free and I can sleep late and never get up early.


What do you hate most about your job?


Not playing.


What is your favorite word?




What is your least favorite word?




What turns you on?


What turns me on?  Being interviewed. 


So am I getting you hot and bothered right now?


Girls turn me on.


What is your favorite sound/noise?




Least favorite sound/noise?


Car horns.


Well doesnít that mean that youĎre a bad driver? 


Its not even that.  Its like walking in a parking lot and then someone will blow their horn and Iíll jump.  Then Iíll walk faster and get all panicked.  I hate that!


If you werenít a band member, what profession would you like to attempt?


Free style motor cross driver.  And thatís the truth.


What profession would you never attempt?




Do you feel any competition with other bands?


Yeah, its always a friendly competition.


(AJ kept interrupting us.  Insisting that there is no competition between bands.  AJ your interview is and has been done.  Check out AJĎs interview.) 


Boxers or briefs?




(And I thought I was the only one!!  LoL)


Do you prefer to be on top or bottom?




What size shoes do you wear?






Yeah, look (lifted his leg and showed me his feet)Ö  Iím not lying.. Doesnít it look like itís a size 12?


Yeah, it does look like itís a size 12..  12 is not even that big..  Just kidding..


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