Interview with Steve of Animal House


You guys play everywhere but Philly.  Why is that so?                                              


We actually play a lot in and around Philly. Finnigan’s Wake, The Lagoon, Rock Lobster are all great rooms. Mix in Atlantic City, the Jersey shore, and anywhere from Boston to Key West Florida and you have one busy successful band.


Where did you learn to play the guitar so well?


Growing up I was a drummer and a piano player, Yamaha Suzuiki school trained. In a previous band they wanted me to be the lead singer, standing up there just singing didn’t appeal to me so I took everything I knew from piano and transformed it to guitar. I just listened to my favorite albums ‘til I got the hang of it. The first album I learned guitar to was Def Leppard’s High and Dry….a great guitar album.


Who would you’re influences be?


I have always been a huge KISS freak, I have a great collection of videos, merchandise and music from them. I even got to jam with Ace Frehley when Animal House did the VH-1 Cover Wars show a few years ago. How many people get to rock out with their hero? It was incredible to say the least. I also loved all of the “corporate” bands….Boston, Styx, Kansas, Journey…… get the idea.


Does Animal House plans to have their own original CD someday or do you have one already?


There has always been talk of it, but nothing is in the works. Ralph plays sometimes with his own original band. Perry plays with his brother Julius when he can, Julius writes some incredible stuff that can be heard at . Fred writes some very catchy songs. I have been working on a CD for about a year now, I hope to have it done in the fall it will be called “The Kitchen Sink” 12 of my own songs.



The band has a lot of synergy.  How important is Synergy in performing covers?


It’s everything! Every night is a party, a celebration of life and we all celebrate it together. The party will never get off the ground unless the host is having the most fun. We love what we do and we have fun together doing it, and it shows. The five of us together most definitely have a “magic” that happens when we walk on that stage. We have performed together for so long and we are so confident in each other, we know each of us are a piece of a puzzle and it all fits together perfectly.


Also, how did the band came about?  How did you guys meet?


WOW, long story. Perry and I have been playing together since 1991. I joined a band he was already in called GANGSTER, when that band broke up we talked and found out we shared the same thoughts on what a band should be. In 1997 we met George at a show we opened up for him, after talking to him for hours we found we all had a lot in common, he said everything that Perry and I were looking for and as fate would have it the phone rang and we were playing with George a few weeks later. No audition, just a phone call and the next night we played together for the first time. Fred came along a few years later, he was the cream of the crop when we were auditioning drummers. His playing is powerful, solid, and his stick tricks are something alone in itself to come see an Animal House show for. He fit in quick and again he had the same thoughts and goals as the three of us. Ralphie came a few years ago and all I can say is he IS the final piece of the puzzle. The five of us as different as we all seem, we are very much alike.



Was the name of your band from the movie, Animal House?


George named the band Animal House, the name is for the vibe…..TOGA>>TOGA…when you think Animal House you think party right?



Lastly, what can you say about your fans (Animal House was nominated by your fans for Band of the Month- Actually, someone has spoken for your band, emailed and constantly asked us to hang-out)?


What can I say, no fans = no band. Our fans, friends are incredible, they have organized trips to follow us to Key West, Ski trips, Golf outings…….amazing. We are very blessed and lucky. We feed off of them and they feed off of us, every night we give them every last bit of whatever we can give so they can go home and feel they were at the best party ever. If they don’t, we FAILED. We use NO set lists, we feed off of the crowd and play to the party, we play for THEM not us.

We are honored they choose to party with us and have nominated us Band Of The Month….

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