Shaun from Loudmouth
By: Priscila

SHAUN (Front Man/Vocals, Guitar)


Shaun of Loudmouth was looking fine as usual and a “groupie got to do what a groupie got to do”.  And that would be flirting with band members…. And here is Priscila’s groupie encounter…


BANDAID:           Hey, handsome!

SHAUN:                Hey!

BANDAID:         I love the hair like that..  You took off your skull cap!!  You look so hot. 

SHAUN:                Thank you.

BANDAID:         I always wondered what you have underneath there .. (hehe)




BANDAID:         Are you single?

SHAUN:                Single.


Flashed my pearly whites!  Alleluia!!  I couldn’t stop smiling.  (Note to self: Place hand on Shaun’s ass).


BANDAID:         Did you always want to be in a band?

SHAUN:                I always wanted to be in a band, ever since I was six or seven years old.

BANDAID:         Okay.  Why did the band change their name from Loudmouth Soup to Loudmouth?

SHAUN:                There was another band that had that same name.  We had to change our band’s name because they had it first.

BANDAID:         What do you think about groupies?

SHAUN:                We don’t  have groupies..  We just have friends and fans…

BANDAID:         But Shaun, I want to be your groupie!!

SHAUN:                Groupie is a derogatory term.

BANDAID:         I don’t care!

SHAUN:                For you to be a groupie, we have to sleep together.. 

BANDAID:         Meoowww!!

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