Ray-Ray from Split Decision
By: Priscila

This interview is dedicated to a BIG fan of Split.  Mark, you contacted us, we listened and hope you like it.

On  a very busy crowded night at Finnigan's Wake, one weekend...  Split Decision was playing.  Therefore, it was packed.  It was wall to wall people...  An interview with the talented Ray-Ray of Split Decision took place...


BandAidHow long have you been with Split Decision?


Ray-Ray: I've been with Split for..... seven years. 


BandAid: Wow!


Ray-Ray: I had to think about it


BandAid: Oh--Okay...  What got you to start performing?


Ray-Ray: When did I start?


BandAid: What got you to start performing?


Ray-Ray: What.. What?   What made me start? I started when I was eight


BandAid: Eight! 


Ray-Ray: I had a guitar on my play pen.  I decided to get another one when I grew up.


BandAid: Ohhh! that's so cute


We got disturbed by 2 hot girls walking up to Ray...  They paused to take a picture.... Split Decision has so many fans...  It was loud and crowded. It was a struggle to get this interview.


BandAid: Are you single?


Ray-Ray: Yes


BandAid: What your turns on?


Ray-Ray: What's that


BandAid: What are your turn ons?


Ray-Ray: Ah...I don't know...  um  smiles...


BandAid: What turns you off?


Ray-Ray: What's that?


BandAid: What turns you off?


Ray-Ray: Frowns...


BandAid: Hell no!!! We don't want no frowns!


Disturbed again by 2 hot girls....  One of them just turned 21..  Isn't that sweet!


BandAid: Alright!  Few more questions. How do you define your perfect mate? Girlfriend or something?


Ray-Ray: Ahhh... I don't know....


BandAid: Are you blushing?


Ray-Ray: I don't know..  I don't really  know...


BandAid: Okay...  When your time has come how do you want to be remembered?


Ray-Ray: That I make people happy...


BandAid: Ohhh! For real!


Ray-Ray: Yeah! why not?


BandAid: You do that really well! We love your band...


Ray-Ray: Thank you...


BandAid: What do you think about  "groupies"?


Ray-Ray: I don't know...  If that's what they are?


BandAid: ha ha ha! Do you have a groupie?


Ray-Ray: I don't know!  It depends on what  you call a groupie.  It can be a dirty word or a fun word.

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