Interview - Laura Lea Taraskus By Maria

Laura Lea Taraskus is the front-girl of a good band called Tripp Fabulous.  This blonde hottie was a sales manager at a hotel before she sang professionally.  This singer also has a degree in Accounting.  Wow!  A woman with brains and beauty and also talent.  Laura Lea sings the National Anthem for the Wingsí home games for 6 seasons now.


How does it feel like for a girl to front a band?

Self-conscious.  I donít look or dress like a typical girl-fronted band.  The tight pants, half-shirt, itís not me.  I tried to wear it but itís not me.  I felt like an idiot.  Iíd rather have my beer gut and sing the best that I can. 


Do you prefer singing solo on-stage?

I prefer singing solo.  I like doing my own thing.  Solo is easier but singing with the band is fun too. 


What do you do when y ou are not singing?

Nothing.  Play video games.  Iím just singing everyday.


What do you like best about your job?

I donít have a boss.  Iím my own boss.


What do you hate the most about your job?

Playing covers.  I have more to give in the society.  I love singing my own songs.  I am very talented and I want to be my own singer. 

When I play covers, Iím an impressionist.  And I donít want that. 

Covers make way better money than original. 


What turns Laura Lea on?

Self-confidence but not cockiness. And perfect grammar.


What turns you off?

Bad grammar.  (laughs)


Are you single?

Iím not married.


Have you ever stolen any musical stuff?

Iíve never stolen anything in my life.  Iíve never stolen a pack of gum, a pencil from work, or a phrase or anything and nothing has ever been stolen from me. 


Ever kissed a girl?

People always ask if Iím Bi.  I can easily fall in-love with a person. 


Want to make out?  Just kiddingÖ 

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