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Not so long ago, someone gave me a tip on this band as their song was played in WMMR.  I have been checking their site and have been a big, really big FAN.  Now our readers can learn about one of my new favorite local band, Ike.  They also provided our readers a link to they’re music site.  The interview is posted below:

HEY PRISCILA!  Here’s the interview… thanks again for contacting me about it.  If you have any follow-ups or anything, feel free to call me on my cell at ###-###-####.  Also, the link to our music page on our site is:    Talk to you soon and thanks again! ~~ John J

Name: John Faye

Name of the Band: Ike

Instrument Played: Lead vocals, guitar

”Deathbed” received airplay on Y100 (R.I.P.), WSTW in Wilmington, DE and recent spins on WMMR and WXPN
The video for Deathbed (from our DVD ) is part of this year’s Texas Film Festival, which is one of the biggest indie film fests in the country
IKE has opened for REM, Fountains of Wayne, Butch Walker and others

IKE was featured in the November ’04 issue of Vanity Fair
I have sung the National Anthem at the Linc for an Eagles game and also for the Philadelphia Soul

BandAid wrote (BAW): What do you feel about having Philadelphia as your musical base?
John Faye replied (JFR): Love it.  It’s home and we have really loyal fans here.

BAW: How would you describe your music?
JFR: Loud but very mellodic and very energetic.  It’s hard for me to categorize; it’s easier to say what we’re not.  We’re not punk or emo (although our lyrics are very honest and a big part of our music), we’re not metal (but we do rock
J), we’re not bubblegum pop (but our songs are catchy)

BAW: How did you guys meet?
JFR: Dave, Cliff and I knew each other from the music scene growing up in Delaware .  We met Joann when she auditioned to play bass and was amazing.  We’ve been together since late 1999.

BAW: What are your musical influences?
JFR: The Beatles, a lot of punk / new wave rock from the late 70’s / early 80’s like the Clash, Ramones, and Blondie.  Plus, the first wave of 90’s Alternative rock like Nirvana, Jane’s Addiction.

BAW: What was the inspiration of your song “Death bed”?
JFR: It’s really a song about being determined to live a long life but remembering who was there for you and who crossed you.  “Holding a grudge can take a lifetime!” I’m the kind of person who maybe doesn’t get mad about things in an obvious way but I definitely keep score in my head!  It’s a little passive/aggressive I guess.

BAW: Who wrote the song?
JFR: I did.

BAW: Where do you see the band in 5 years?
JFR: I never plan that far ahead; I’d like to be making music together and touring as we have been but I’m old enough now to know that you just never know!

BAW: What do you like most about being in the band?
JFR: The fact that we’re all carb addicts.  I can eat doughnuts in the van with no shame!

BAW: What are the challenges  in being a band member?
JFR: I guess just pressing on in a business that’s so hard to make a living in.  A lot of times people assume you make a lot of money in a band that’s somewhat established, but we end up putting almost everything we make back into promoting ourselves.  We end up giving away a lot of our time and product just to get our name out there.  But it’s pointless to complain; I would never want to be doing anything else.

BAW: Is there any performances in Philly that we can see your band perform?
JFR: Sat. 4/23 at Grape Street Philadelphia in Manayunk.  Hope to see you there

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