Jimi from Split Decision
By: Sara

This interview was made possible by our friend, Sara…  Thank you.


At a crowded weekend at Finigan’s wake…   Sara interviewed Jimmy of Split Decision. 


BandAid:   Who is your inspiration?


Jimmy:       My mother.


Band Aid: Do you like our web-site?


Jimmy:       I like it. We visit it every day. I check it twice a day. I'm not lying.


(Cool, and we thought bands hate us)


BandAid:    What's the tattoo on your arm?


Jimmy:         It's a peace symbol.  My father was a Vietnam Veteran.


BandAid:     Are you single?


Jimmy:         No comment.


(What do you think that means, ladies?)


BandAid:     What's your favorite word?


Jimmy:         Anti-disestablishmentarism




BandAid:     Describe your Perfect mate?


Jimmy:        Stunning. Italian. 5'7'' Dark Hair.  Italian I don’t know...and that's it.  I read the web-site and I  go, I have to answer this way. Now, I'm blanking.


(I think I’m making him nervous,,, LOL)


BandAid:    When your time has come how do you want to be remembered?


Jimmy:         Somebody who likes to have fun. Excuse me.. someone who made other people have fun also.


BandAid:      What do you like doing on your spare time?


Jimmy:          I work out at Bally’s Total Fitness and I go to phillybandaids.com


(Boy do we love this dude)


BandAid: I heard that you were part of band called, “Flip Chicken”?


Jimmy: No... 


BandAid: No?


Jimmy: I was part of the band called, Weekend at Bernie's and an original band Down and Out which got signed with Arista records.


BandAid: Did you know anyone named Steven B?


Jimmy: Yes. I know Steve really well.  I need a new garage door, Steve.


Jimmy would like to add that his inspiration includes everybody in their band. And an important part of being in a band is respect for the people who see you.  Now that’s being really  professional. 

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