Jim of Spin


The one who plays the keyboard, thatís Jim!  He is the ďawesomeĒ dude who was born in South Philly and grew up in the Northeast.  This funny  guy is also a website designer, who went to La Salle High School with Eric and Henry (two of his band members), and who thinks that being in Spin is like hanging out with his best friends, and it is ďjust so awesomeĒÖ



What is your motivation?

JIM:    Itís the only thing Iíve ever wanted to do, is to play music.  We love playing the covers and having fun in the clubs but we are trying to do the original thing too.  Thatís one main goal.  And I think thatís what motivates all of us.  We like doing the originals and try to make something happen with that.


What do you do when you are not playing?

JIM:    I write music and I do web design during the day.

Jim designed the website of Spin.


What is your favorite feature in a girl?

JIM:    Thatís a fucking tough question!  I donít know.  I like so many things.  It really depends.  I like different things in different girls  Its got to be about the girl.Honestly, I donít like just one thing.  You know what I mean?  Itís about the girl.


What turns you off?

JIM:    Phony people and bullshit.  People who act like they are better than they are.

             I donítí mean bands that are on this thing.  There are certain people who acts like they are saving the world when they are just playing music.  That irritates me.


What is the best thing about this job?

JIM:    I love the whole thing.  Music has been my life since I was so young.  I love playing and watching peoplesí reactions while we are playing.  These guys are like my three brothers.  We all treat each other like we are brothers and we all fucking love each other.  ďThe brother kindĒ of way. 


The ďbrother kindĒ of way?

JIM:    Every now and then when we get cold or something, maybe we cuddle.. You know we do that..  Thatís a joke.


Oh okay.  Whew!

JIM:    But seriously, we all have the same goal and we wanna go to the same places.  So we all fight together.  Itís like hanging out with your best friends on stage and it is awesome!


Yeah, thatís great and you are getting paid for it too.

JIM:    I know.  And thereís a lot of bands out there, and Iím not dissing on them, they were all just put together and they are not necessarily really good friends.  But all of us (Spin)  have been friends since H.S.  We are all trying to make this as our real life.  Not just in local circuit but in the national circuit too.. You know in the long run.  Iíts awesome that we are all doing this together.


What do you hate about this job?

JIM:    The bullshit behind..  Like you canít play in certain rooms for certain reasons.  Thereís a lot of bullshit that goes on in the back ground.  But we still try to have a good time and play.


Boxers or briefs?

JIM:    Boxers


Top or bottom?

JIM:    (Long pause)  It depends on the girl, I guess.  I donít have a preference.  Usually I start on top but it doesnít always end up that way.  (laughs)

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