Interview with Dangeros


On an interview with Justin, Jeff and Drew of the Danger”O”s.  (By the way, they’re PhillybandAid review will be next week-you have to check it out).  Justin is the lead singer and base.  Jeff is the lead guitarist and Drew is the Drummer. 


PhillyBandAids (PBA): Where did you get the name?


Justin: Umm… Actually it’s a story.  I was coming up with a fictitious band with my girlfriend driving around with my girlfriend.  We were driving around trying to think of a name and we found a sign that says “Dangerous” but the (letter) “U” is missing. So we vowed that if we would start a band we would call it the “DangerOs”.


PBA: That’s a good play on words


Justin: Yeah-Yeah


PBA: How would you describe your music?


Justin: It’s really difficult because we are really influenced by a lot of different types of music. We have a lot of difficulty finding our niche in the Philadelphia scene but, it’s really different.  Basically alternative rock influenced heavy with pop just sort-off turn just the way they are.  We are not really set in anyways about a specific genre.


PBA: How do you feel as having Philadelphia your musical base?


Justin: Umm… For us, it’s all that we really know right now.  We have only been playing together for about a year. We’re still in the process of getting our music to everybody who we think will enjoy it.  Thus far, we have really good response.  We have a lot of fun doing it so, hopefully things will be going up a bit.


PBA: What are your musical influences?


Justin: The three of us are influenced by different type of musicians.  I myself


Jeff: My influence so far is 90’s music, rock to grunge, 3-day, Nirvana, Green Day, all the good stuff


PBA: How about you Drew?


Drew: I like the police.  Actually, I listen to a lot of Jazz, a lot of fusion


PBA:  How did you guys started to get together?


Justin:  Jeff and I played in punk band few years ago and that just sort of disintegrated.  And before that, Jeff and Drew had played in another punk band so, umm..  Jeff and I sort of decided we want to start a new band try a new sound, something different.  He (Jeff) told me about Drew.  I’m picky about drummers because I’m actually a drummer myself. And he (Drew) fits the mold perfectly.


PBA: So he fit your standards, right (Just joking)?


Yes definitely.  From my opinion, he is one of the solid member of the band (hey. wait, there’s only three of you?  What do you think of that Jeff? Nah, he was just kidding)


PBA: What can we expect from DangerO’s five years from now?


Justin: We will be doing the same thing in a much larger scale. We’ll be a household name much like Bisquick or Lysol.


PBA: Who?


Justin: We’ll be a household name much like Bisquick or Lysol.


PBA: Nice


The Danger”O”s where “O” so nice and I really enjoyed chatting with them.  This is truly motivating to meet new artiste’-  I have a great job!

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