Arthur J. of The Zone
By: Priscila

                 Arthur J. L. is The Zone’s Guitarist and who sometimes does vocals.  He is also very very funny and oh so cute which is apparent from this interview posted below:


BandAid (BA): What’s your favorite song?


Arthur J (AJ): To play?


BA: Uhum! (he is so cute)


AJ: Something challenging like … Sweet Child of Mine.  You know,  it actually makes me want to work other than sitting out there-going through the motion, you know…


BA: So you like working it?


AJ: I love working it… (laughs) Oooh!  … Slow and… (more laughs).  And very very deep… cause you know, I need that depth ….


BA: (laughed some more…) Boxers or Briefs?


AJ: Boxer Briefs


BA: Really?


AJ: Yeah. 


BA: Oh yeah (Duh!) (he showed me his underwear-psyche! Just kidding! lol!)  What do you like about playing cover?

AJ: Um…  The way the crowd reacts to the lyrics cause they enjoy hearing them and keeps us motivated to play.  Most people don’t really like playing other people’s songs but when we see the reaction from the crowd, it makes it more inspiring to do.

AJ: We have a lot of haters on our sites that hates on cover bands, what can you say about them?

BA: Um.. They are probably none musicians who wish they could be musicians.  I would take them out to be jealous…


AJ: Thank you Arthur.


Arthur, can I get a hug?  (lol).  Not just a regular cover band, the Zone has two CD’s out and entitled, “Live at the Bottle & Cork: Take Care of Your Bartenders” & “Return the favor”.   In addition, their songs have been played on our local radio. Looks, humor and talent, The Zone has to be one of my favorite bands. 


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