Alex Levine

One night on South Street at the Pontiac Grille. I had an opportunity to interview Alex Levine who just finished performing.


BandAid (BA):  Alex, are you originally from Philadelphia ?

Alex Levine ( AL ):  I am. I was born and raised here in Philadelphia . I went to college in Arizona State and I lived there… went to school there all year then went to Hawaii in the summer time.  Then went back and forth from Hawaii to Arizona .


BA: That’s a very nice life!


AL : I know


BA: I wish I could go to Hawaii once in a while.


AL : It’s the greatest thing to be able to do. All year long you can hit Arizona .  If it gets too hot you go down and cruise the paradise in Hawaii


BA: Do you perform in Hawaii ?


AL : Absolutely.  I am actually going out there in May.  On May 14th I’m going out there for a while to play some shows.


BA: Oh great.  I am so jealous.


AL : It’s the greatest place there is.


BA: Well, how would you describe your music?


AL: I call my music Desert Rock because most of my influence came from living out in Arizona. I was there for six years and I started a rock band back out there where I was the lead singer.  Then that ended, I started writing my own songs… and I … just called it Desert Rock.  I never heard that before and thought it sounded cool with what I do. I write a lot of words about the desert and Mexico and you know… stuff like that.  So I thought that was pretty cool. No one knows what it means.  When I say.. Yeah! Desert Rocks…


BA: Absolutely, this is the first time I heard of desert rock.


AL : I agree.


BA: You should.  For people who actually have to read about your music, how would you compare your music to any other musician.


AL : Oh boy, that’s a really hard question.  I don’t know. What would you compare it too?  I don’t know how to compare myself because I am trying so hard to be my own person. Ahh…


BA: I would go somewhere between (you have to read my review lol).


AL : Well, that’s cool with me. Absolutely, I would take that. It’s definitely something lyrically driven...


BA:  So… Desert Rock.  Where do you find your influence?


AL : Mostly I try to find a place inside of me where I come up with one line. Something that I am feeling at the moment and something I am going through.  I go over that one line and I start strumming my guitar through it and then words comes flowing out….   words start flowing then the whole song…some songs takes an hour – some songs takes a whole month.


BA: All right. Five years from now, what can we expect from Alex Levine?


AL : Oh my gosh.. Five years from now, I would love to be a rock and roller.  You know? I am not pushing to be a famous MTV rock and roll guy but I would love to play six nights a week and just cruise around the country and play shows… I don’t know…. anyone who wants to listen to music.

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