Aaron of the Perfectionist
By: Priscila

An interview with Aaron of the Perfectionist.  A local original band from West Philadelphia.


BandAid:  How do you describe your music?


Aaron:  I part ďMinute ManĒ falling in love.  (Minute Man is a punk band from California).


BandAid: What do you feel that sets you apart from other bands?


Aaron: We donít go after big record label.  We are egotistical and self indulgent and we can not exist without making rock and roll.           


BandAid:  Has Philadelphia been proven to be a good base for you guys?


Aaron:  Philadelphia has a lot of great rock bands but itís only the place that thereís more rock bands than rock fans.


BandAid:  Where did the name Perfectionist derived from?


Aaron:  Perfectionism has nothing to do with our personality. It has something to do with our political philosophy.  If they want to know more they can ask one of us.


BandAid:  On January 19th you played at the Pontiac with Jimmy Chamberlin of the Smashing Pumpkins, how did that go?


Aaron:  Itís great to meet somebody who has touched the world in such significant way.  He is so famous and can do whatever he wants with his life and still play for just 20 people.  We love the Smashing Pumpkins and it was great to meet him.


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