Jenn Stang

Jenn Stang a hot blonde singer that has a vocal style comparably with Sarah McLachlan.   Jenn Stang’s song has tranquil lyricism, engaging short drum beats and good guitar rave-ups.  Jenn’s captivating energy and mastery of the piano can create a calming ambience.  She has a voice that is enthralling and has a European-indie-rocker appeal.  Notably, Jenn Stang’s songs entitled Zenith and Whatever You Do will light up a room and attract everyone closer to the stage. 

Also, Jenn Stang has a self titled album, “Jenn Stang.”  Remarkably, track number 5 and 6 is relaxing, “lounge-y” and harmonized with great back-up vocals.

Jenn Stang’s vocal style is a breath of fresh air breezing through the Philly local rock scene.

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