Band of the Month searches for the band of the month. We watch a handful of bands every month and then we decide which band best fits the criteria. The Criteria we established is as follows: Song selection 20%, Performance 25%, Attitude 25% and Looks 30%. Why did we place Looks as criteria? Because we can!!!!! Itís our web page and we make the decision. Our Band of the month also gets nominated  for the Cover Band of the year.

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Monthly Cover Band of the Month:

December 2004 - Loudmouth

January 2005 -
Drop Dead Sexy

February 2005 - Split Decision

March 2005 - Monkey Bus

April 2005
- Animal House

May 2005

June 2005

July 2005

August 2005

September 2005

October 2005

November 2005

Band Of The Month:
Animal House

Readers of our site had sent us e-mails to see Animal House.  Their schedules are often far and it was hard for us to check them out but we finally did and we have to agree that they are a great band.  They were also nominated by their fans. It is PhillyBandAidís pleasure to announce that our April 2005 Band of the month goes to Animal House.

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