Ike By: Maria


Ever heard of the expression “It’s such a high”?  It is when something gives you a rush and hits you just right to the point of exhilaration, then the feeling of calmness and happiness and satisfaction disembarks.   

Listening to “Parallel Universe” of the band called IKE can give you “such a high”.  The voice of John Faye exhilarates every listener and his stage presence satisfies the party goers. 

The first time I heard of IKE was on WMMR when Jackson mentioned the band and played their song, “Deathbed” which blew him away.  Intrigued by such great comments, I had to go out and see this band. 

Unbelievable energy from John Faye and with such an amazing voice, I can see this guy all the way to the top. 

(Some of the songs’ intros remind me of Oasis.)

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